Like to Increase Your Practice Profitability?

Start with Getting Overhead Costs Under Control!

And the place to begin is with records management and storage. Over time, record storage systems get bloated and bogged down, taking up lots of valuable real estate in your office and slowing the retrieval process to a crawl. QBS has a number of options to make your system more efficient and less costly:

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
The gold standard of records management and office productivity, of course, is EMR.
Nothing makes more sense than Healthmatics Electronic Medical Records System and Healthmatics Ntierprise Practice Management System. Healthmatics is flexible, including the ability to customize templates and make fast tracks for each specific caregiver. This system offers a complete package of electronic records and communications management, including lab connectivity, fax module, E&M coder and intra-office email. And the system encompasses nearly every patient-oriented process in the practice. Training and start-up is simplified because it's seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office Suite products.

But EMR isa big step, affecting virtually every task in your office. Because of the interdependency and interrelationship of most tasks it's easier to suggest a sweeping change than to look at a step by step approach to improvement. But if you aren't ready for the big step toward EMR what can you do?

Improvements in Paper Systems
Often simple changes can lead to big improvements. An example: color coded labels and bar code tracking. These are the heart of managing and controlling information in paper format, and often an improvement opportunity. QBS Color Bar label designs with color coding and bar coding can reduce the time spent searching for charts and documents by as much as 90%. You can print the labels in your office and QBS can provide assistance in any necessary conversion.

High Efficiency, High-Density Filing Systems
Let's face it, storing and retrieving files are the first and last steps in most office tasks. If you were able to improve your storage system, even a little, you could expect significant improvement in performance and productivity. QBS offers a wide array of file storage systems, all of which are less expensive and require less space than file cabinets. The system that's right for you depends upon needed patient chart file capacity and frequency of file retrieval. QBS can provide systems that triple filing productivity and reduce space needs up to 80%.

Off-Site Storage
If your files are overrunning your storage space, QBS Office Xtensiontm can free up your storage space to be more productive. We'll store semi-active and inactive patient charts in our facility and deliver them to you individually and quickly as needed. This can also be done with office and medical supplies purchased in bulk.

Scanning Patient Charts
Converting medical documents to an electronic digital format and storing them in a computer CPU is a dramatic way to free floor space. Imagine the patient file room contained on a single computer CPU! Patient Chart scanning is a cost-effective way to automate the system without requiring information templates or changing the look of the documents. Also, the scanned chart can serve as a single flexible repository for all the patient related paper that flows around the office, whether it's generated from within the office, or from outside (such as lab results and referral letters). Because the imaged patient record can be simultaneously accessed by multiple users it provides a basis for improving office work flow and is a frequent early step in transitioning to a full EMR system.

Electronic Modules
There are a number of electronic modules which can be implemented idividually without full EMR to target specific problems in records management. These can also lay the groundwork for a future full conversion when you're ready.

If the practice diagnosis finds rising billing costs and increasing lost charges, updating practice management software may be in order. QBS recommends Allscripts Healthmatics Ntierprise practice management system as a best solution. It provides fast and accurate reporting, has a reputation for improving paid claims, is easy to use, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office Suite products and is a natural step towards a fully operational paperless office.

Depending upon the diagnosis, Smeadlink Workflow Systems may be a solution to improve profitability when several employees need quick access to the same information to perform their tasks, regardless of the medium it is stored on. Its use can streamline processing of many critical tasks, enable smooth execution of multi-step processes, eliminate productivity gaps caused by waiting for documents and also monitor work activity.

Smeadlink Librarian is a likely component in the solution for profitability improvement enabling the management of records from all media types used in your office. Like any good librarian, it quickly finds what you are looking for and brings it to you, regardless of where it's stored. Imaged records, host computer data, emails and faxes are all displayed from the same viewer.

QBS Can Do It
QBS can assist you, beginning with an analysis of current operations, in diagnosing problems and developing a step-by step plan for improvement, which can become a road map to the eventual conversion to a paperless EMR office.
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