You know what we mean. You've put in lots of long, hard hours. And your office finally reflects that. But your office is valuable real estate, and every square foot of that office should be working at maximum productivity to help you pay it off! Storage of boxes or cabinets of old paper files doesn't generate much of a return.

Engineering the Productive Office
There are many dead spaces lurking in your office which can be identified and put to more productive use - sometimes enough space to add another exam room, a lab or radiology center! And there are many options for upgrading this valuable space:

Space-Efficient and High Density Filing Systems
Chances are chart filing, paper circulation and office workflow were only afterthoughts to the designer who planned your office. His focus was on patient flow and the healthcare interface. QBS can frequently free space by redesigning filing and storage areas to better suit the need and at the same time improve office functionality.

Extra-Office Storage
Use prime space only for today's needs. If it's not required this week does it really have to be on-site? Consider limiting prime space use to prime functions. QBS Office Xtensiontm stores semi-active or inactive patient charts and supplies purchased in bulk in our facility and delivers them to your office on demand.

Scanning Patient Charts
Converting medical documents to an electronic digital format and storing them in a computer CPU is a dramatic way to free floor space. Imagine the patient file room contained on a single computer CPU! Patient Chart scanning is a cost-effective way to automate the system without requiring information templates or changing the look of the documents. Also, the scanned chart can serve as a single flexible repository for all the patient related paper that flows around the office, whether it's generated from within the office, or from outside (such as lab results and referral letters). Because the imaged patient record can be simultaneously accessed by multiple users it provides a basis for improving office work flow and is a frequent early step in transitioning to a full EMR system.

Upgrading to Full EMR
A practice with a fully implemented Electronic Medical Records System will require much less office space than a comparable paper driven practice. Additionally, EMR provides the capability to improve the quality of care, reduce office chaos, improve profitability (by reducing paperwork time and improving coding captures) and minimize those long late-night hours at the office.

Caught in the Cycle?
Most medical practices follow a particular space/growth cycle. It starts with a larger office than needed to allow for growth, but the unused space eats up the profits. Growth eventually fills the office and the higher revenue makes it cost efficient. And then the process is repeated, creating a pattern of unprofitable valleys on the practice's balance sheet. Break the cycle by reassessing your space efficiency - add another exam room, lab or radiology center without the expense of a move or the higher cost of more space!

Is your office space less than 100% productive? Ask QBS for a free space survey to diagnose critical issues determine problem impact and develop options. Call QBS today at (419) 693-2444. Or email us at