Want Out from Under the Paperwork Load?

Is paperwork keeping you from responding to patient needs in a timely manner? Has searching for lost charts has become standard operating procedure? Are you still in the office reviewing paperwork two hours after the last patient? Cheer up! There are good options for saying goodbye to the pile of paperwork!

For eliminating paperwork, nothing makes more sense than Healthmatics Electronic Medical Records System and Healthmatics Ntierprise Practice Management System. Healthmatics is flexible, including the ability to customize templates and make fast tracks for each specific caregiver. This system offers a complete package of electronic records and communications management, including lab connectivity, fax module, E&M coder and intra-office email. And the system encompasses nearly every patient-oriented process in the practice. Training and start-up is simplified because it's seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office Suite products.

With more than a thousand Healthmatics systems in place, physicians and office managers are reporting:

Superior Coding: Average RVUs/E&M encounter increases up as the E&M calculator prompts correct coding

Streamlined Workflow: Eliminating daily office chaos and the big end-of-the-day pile of charts and phone messages needing attention

Improved Patient Care and Documentation Quality: With patient vitals, chief complaints and history organized in a desktop format and available at the time of exam

Operating Efficiencies: Fewer bottlenecks, better response to patient needs and improved revenues accomplished with reduced staff and a shorter doctor work day

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