Files Putting the Squeeze on Storage Space?

In a growing medical practice there is never enough room. And medical files are the biggest space hogs. The good news is that this can almost always be improved. A QBS survey of your office and diagnosis of the space problems will show you where file and storage space can be compressed and free space gained.

The biggest culprits are usually vertical and lateral file cabinets - surprisingly, by far the least efficient storage systems available. QBS is a leader in providing shelving products and can find the most efficient and cost effective system for your office:

Kardex Lektriever
The Lektriever is the most automated filing system available. It can triple filing productivity by eliminating the need to walk, bend, lift or stretch to retrieve a file. Files are stored on movable carriers which rotate ferris-wheel style on electronic or computer command, delivering needed media to the operator within seconds. In addition to space saving, Lektrievers are also fatigue reducers, an often unrecognized benefit.

Rotary Files
The rotary file is a double depth file cabinet that rotates for access to both sides and security. It's more efficient than a lateral or vertical file, with a proven reliable design and history of increasing capacity by at least 40%. It's popular with interior designers because it can be built into walls, panel systems and custom millwork; a total storage system with dozens of options, accessories and height options that make tailored installations easy.

Mobile Shelving/Movable Aisle
Movable shelving is by far the most space efficient paper filing system available and can be configured to take into account different room layouts. Mobile systems can frequently triple file capacity at reasonable investment. They are ideal for large and semi-active files.

The Bi-File is a lateral track system designed for maximum space savings. In fact, in the right layout, the system will accommodate two to three times the capacity of more conventional systems. The system is easy to install and relocate.

Four Post Shelving
There are many stationary shelving products, and the most appropriate selection depends on what is to be stored, the quantity, frequency of retrieval and space available. For optimum convenience, easy retrieval and economics, nothing works better than four post (L&T) shelving. Four post is available in multiple heights from 40" to 120" and provides space savings of up to 60% of conventional vertical and lateral files at one third the cost.

Off-Site Storage
If an upgraded paper filing systems doesn't free-up enough space, QBS Office Xtensiontm combines off-site paper file storage with on-demand pick-up and delivery. This can also be used for office or medical supplies purchased in bulk.

Scanning and Imaging Systems
There is a variety of scanning/imaging solutions offering different benefits. For a simple space problem, a scan to disk program puts a whole cabinet of records on a single CD. If retrieval flexibility is important, storing files on an FTP site allows instant access. If the short term concern is space, but the long term objective is an EMR office then selecting software that manages the scanned charts and provides for multiple image access can solve your problem. Whatever the need, QBS can tailor a solution for your practice.

Ask QBS for a free space survey to diagnose critical issues determine problem impact and develop options. Call QBS today at (419) 693-2444. Or email us at