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And many are too overwhelmed by the tide of documents they receive daily to efficiently organize. At the same time, faced with climbing real estate prices, companies are cutting costs by shrinking workspace. With more to organize, less space to do it in, and ever increasing demands for speed, accuracy and security, effectively managing filing and storage can have a big impact on your bottom line.

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Gone are the days when the only storage option was a basic metal filing cabinet. Now you can put high-efficiency systems and specialized office products to work for you. We offer a range of innovative shelving and storage solutions integrated with exactly the right folders, pockets, indexes and labels. And we provide America's best service and support, both before and after the sale.

3-5 times more storage per square foot and 100% faster filing and retrieval times

Think about the lateral filing cabinets that you see in most offices. Now consider that with highefficiency storage, you could easily triple the file density. In fact, some systems deliver over 5 times the amount of storage in the same space. And yes, these files are all accessible to be used on a day-to-day basis. Or to look at it another way, you can store the same number of files in a fraction of the space.

High-efficiency benefits include:

  • Improved space utilization, minimized off-site storage costs
  • Quicker access to information, reduced labor costs
  • Lower exposure to risk due to lost, stolen or damaged records
  • Increased responsiveness, higher customer satisfaction


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