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High Density Mobile Filing Systems can store up to five times more files in the same space as conventional systems. With a single aisle replacing your current many aisles you take back the space currently wasted. High Density Mobile Filing comes in the form of Mobile Systems, Rotary Files, Lateral Track Systems and steel shelving on carriages and tracks. Reclaiming valuable real estate allows you to measure the ROI from your investment immediately. High Density Mobile applications are today’s high tech answer to rising real estate and labor costs. Being effective and efficient makes high density filing today's standard for new fileroom applications. High Density Mobile Filing Systems can save you space and make filing twice as fast. The savings can be substantial.

L&T 4 Post Shelving

L&T 4 Post Shelving When speedy and accurate filing is critical, the open shelf design of L&T enables users to easily store and retrieve files.

Shelf Files

Shelf Files This open shelf design enables users to quickly and accurately store and retrieve files with impressive ease.

Stackable Shelving

Stackable Shelving Individual stacking tiers allow you to start your filing system with four levels, then add tiers as your needs grow.

Rotary File

Rotary File The rotating design of High Density Rotary Files saves floor space, increases filing capacity and is HIPAA compliant.

Lateral Track

Lateral Track This system creates two or three sliding rows of storage. You can free up valuable floor space by eliminating an aisle.

File Vault

File Vault File Vault is a cost-effective mobile filing system that is lockable to safeguard confidential files and valuables.


Mobile High density mobile filing systems can store up to five times more files in the same space as conventional systems

Planning Guide

Mobile This guide is designed to help you purchase the best filing system for your needs

Carousel and Tambour Door Cabinets

Mobile These innovative, specially shaped modular cabinets enable you to layout and divide areas, saving space while increasing file capacity

Filing Supplies

Filing Supplies Our selection is first rate, offering color-coded and HIPAA labels, dividers, tabs and paper forms to match numerous systems.


Technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other technologies can transform your filing systems, boosting efficiency.

Health Care

Health Care Space-saving solutions for filing your X-ray films, pharmaceutical products and medical and dental files.


Furniture From the lunchroom to the boardroom, our furniture gives you comfort and style at affordable prices.

Cabinets and Carts

Cabinets and Carts Combine security with style with our high efficiency filing cabinets and mobile carts.

Back Room Equipment

Back Room Equipment Storage solutions for your every need and mailroom equipment to improve your office efficiency.

Specialty Products Spotlight

Mail Sorters / Modular Casework

flabel1 This comfortable chair features 360-degree swivel, tilt and pneumatic seat height adjustment for a complete custom fit.

Fireproof Insulated File Cabinet

 Fireproof Insulated File Cabinet Add security to your office with this 25'' insulated file cabinet. The one hour fire rating protects your papers from the heat of a fire.


Carts This cart simplifies the retrieval and delivery of equipment and materials like books, files or hard goods. Heavy duty construction.

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