Terms & Conditions

Contained herein are our general business terms and conditions. Terms specific to your order accompany the order. If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions please contact our office or your representative.

Terms of Sale Possession of this Buyer’s Guide does not constitute an agreement to sell. This Buyer’s Guide is subject to change without notice. Payment terms and Remit To addresses are as stated on our invoice. All invoices are rendered at prices prevailing at time of shipment.

Product Changes We reserve the right to change specifications or replace raw materials as required by contingencies that exist or to improve the product. Actual items shipped may differ slightly from Buyer’s Guide descriptions. However, product changes in no way affect product quality or function.

Pricing Orders are accepted with the understanding that billing is at prevailing prices at the time the order is placed. Prices include all packing and cartoning charges. Taxes, shipping, hauling, storage, installation, and other charges will be added to quoted prices.

In the event of a discrepancy between the price on your order and our current selling price for any product or service, we will contact you for authorization before processing your order.

Payment Terms Payment terms are Net 30 days with invoices dated the day of shipment. Interest on overdue invoices accrues from invoice due date.

Request For Quotes Fax, mail or call in your request for a quote. When requesting quotes for Custom Made-to-Order products in writing or by phone, be extremely careful and precise in your description. We quote what you ask of us, as we understand your specifications, except in those instances when it is in your best interest to consider an alternative product.

All quotes should be faxed or mailed. If response time is crucial verbal quotes can be given, however, quotes are not firm unless they are in writing, initialed by you and returned to our office. This assures that your product requirements have been accurately specified.

Order Acknowledgements We ship stock product orders promptly without acknowledgements. If it is necessary to back order products, we will notify you and give you the option of requesting a partial shipment.

Damages/ Shortage in Transit All our packaging is in accordance with carrier requirements. For your protection, please examine any shipment carefully before accepting. If there is evidence of damage or a shortage, make suitable notation to that effect on the freight bill before you sign it. Failure to make this notification absolves the carrier of any responsibility and subsequent claims. Please notify us within five days of receipt of a damaged or short order.

Interstate Commerce Commission rules allow for the filing of claims for concealed damage up to 15 days after the receipt of goods. Please notify us within this time period if you discover such damage.

Shipping Dates Stock orders are typically shipped within 48 hours of receipt of order. Every effort is made to maintain an adequate inventory of stock products, however, it is impossible to guarantee the availability of every product.

Quoted shipping dates for Custom or made-to-order products are standard lead times based on production cycles, on occasion we are able to ship before our estimated delivery date. If you need exact shipping and arrival dates, please let us know prior to order entry and a firm ship date may be arranged.

Cancellations or Changes Cancellations or changes made-to-orders, including change of address, may incur handling charges. Orders of custom manufactured products that have been properly entered and acknowledged cannot be cancelled.

Returning Products Custom and made-to-order products and your labels cannot be returned. We reserve the right to determine whether or not a stock product may be returned.

Do not return stock products without first contacting us. Please be prepared to tell us your purchase order number and our invoice number to expedite handling. Returned stock products must be shipped FREIGHT PAID. Please mark all cartons with your assigned “Return Goods Authorization” number. All returned products are subject to a handling charge.

Overruns & Underruns of Custom Products Overruns and underruns are not uncommon for Custom or made-to-order Products. Industry standards prevail: (1) Customer accepts 10% over or under the quantity ordered, and (2) Billing is based on quantity shipped. Orders requiring an “exact count” incur an upcharge, this upcharge varies by product.

Custom Printing From a Database Special printing of labels and/or folders may be printed and shipped from customer-supplied data. The customer is responsible to order the data in the exact sequence that labels/folders are to be supplied. Delivery schedule and timeline for delivery will be agreed upon only after customer has approved label samples, printed sequence order, color-maps, etc. Customer will be charged for every unit printed including labels printed as a result of incorrect order or erroneous data elements in customer supplied database.

Warranty Limited warranties are available in most products. Each specific piece of equipment has its own specific limited warranty per each specific manufacturer. Your purchases of these products carry the full manufacturers limited warranty as per their agreement with our company. These warranties re made solely to the original purchaser and shall be effective from the date of purchase as shown on the purchaser’s receipt. All applicable warranty information will be provided to you in writing on request.

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